“We are at the most pivotal time of our Earth History.  The world will change…a positive world will emerge.”

“We are at the “Time of the Great Awakening” prophesied by Indigenous people on this planet.  You are the Great Awakening!  Do you feel it?”


There is a great call for change happening through the ethers.  It’s in the Earth, in the waters, in the wind, in the air we breathe, its ringing in our ears, its dancing in front of your eyes.  Can you feel it?  Can you hear it? Can you see it? It wants your attention. It’s time for the greatest change of all, and that’s you!




is simple yet strong, direct yet compassionate, ever changing and fluctuating as I delve deeper into your knowingness of your true self.  You may experience being uncomfortable at first as you release the pain & suffering, judgement & insecurity, fear & doubt that you have been hardwired to endure. As we work together you will experience a sense of freedom, knowledge, full power & strength, and clarity for the first time of your life.



Shamanic Transformational Psychic

It’s a way of life.  It’s a way to connect with nature. A way to dream my world into being within this energetic realm, so I can participate in the creation and stewardship of my reality and yours. Everything is alive and carries information.



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I do not advertise or do any marketing.

I do not list my video interviews or podcast, my services, bio or reviews. 

One page is all that is necessary to connect with you.

Donation is $125/hour…..If you have financial difficulties, let me know.  The work is so important.







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